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Registration: participants were invited to fill in the registration e-form till 10th November 2022.


Please note:

Due to the epidemiological situation, we would like to organize the conference in a hybrid mode. It will be possible to participate in the conference personally or virtually (on-line) in communication with other participants. By registering for the conference, you consent to the recording of its proceedings (including lectures and votes in discussions) and on-line transmission to other registered participants.

In the sytuation of official ban on the organization of stationary conferences by the authorities or resignation from personal arrival (submitted by e-mail no later than November 27, 2022) due to COVID-19 (illness, quarantine or self-isolation), at the participant’s request, the difference between the payment made and the amount fees for virtual participation. A refund of the difference in fees in the event of late notification (due to the orders for catering services) and a full refund of the fee is not possible.
For on-line participants, conference materials will be sent by post after the conference.


Cost of participation (10th November 2022) (including VAT):

The conference fee (until November 10, 2022) is (including VAT):

180 euro – Personal participation with the publication

100 euro – Virtual participation with the publication

100 euro – Personal participation without the publication

25 euro – Virtual participation without the publication

Money transfer until 10th November 2022  to: Pedagogical University of Krakow, 2 Podchorążych St., 30-084 Kraków, Poland.
Bank account: Bank PEKAO S.A. PL 78 1240 4722 1978 0000 4851 6422, Kod SWIFT: PKOPPLPW
with postscript „DK-49, name and surname”.

The participants of the Conference receive conference materials, catering during the session and invitation to Gala Dinner. Participants who paid conference fee for participation with paper presentation have the right to submit an article to the journal “Studies of the Industrial Geography Commission of the Polish Geographical Society”. Publishing this article depends on compliance with the requirements for authors (available on the website of the journal: and receiving positive reviews.