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Articles written on the basis of the Conference presentations and strictly connected with the Conference theme (after receiving positive reviews) will be published in the journal “Studies of the Industrial Geography Commission of the Polish Geographical Society“.

Print of this article is addicted to compliance with the requirements for authors available on the webside of the journal (  and receiving positive reviews.

The deadlines for submission of articles to the issues which will be published in 2023 are: 37(1-2) – 18th December 2022, 37(2-4) 31st January 2023. We encourage you to make an ealier submission of texts.


In order to submit and process an article, it is therefore necessary to submit the text directly via the OJS system, to which you should register on the journal’s website (  and submit the text.
Please name the file your surname. Please also include a second text file with the cut data allowing to identify the author – on the title page of the article, in the suggested citation and at the end of the article (author information section).


The submitted text is accepted for processing only if it is adapted to the editorial requirements – the guidelines for authors can be found at:

Documents linked on this page (e.g. Template – guidelines for authors) are available for download only after logging in to the system.


Karolina Smętkiewicz,
Department of Entrepreneurship and Spatial Management,
Institute of Geography,
Pedagogical University of Cracow, 2 Podchorążych St., 30-084 Kraków, Poland, room 436.

Attention: e-mail for submitting articles ( is different than registration e-mail. Please don’t sent articles to 

Specified requirements of articles formatting is  available on Journal website too.

Remaining documents:

  1. Guidelines for the authors: doc / pdf
  2. Conflict of interest and contribution of authors statement: doc / pdf
  3. Financial disclosure statement: doc pdf
  4. Copyright agreement: doc / pdf
  5. Paper review form: doc pdf