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Aim of the conference

38th Scientific Conference will continue an exchange of scientific achievements and present the ongoing research in domestic and foreign academic centres, mainly in the following areas: methodological concepts developing in the field of industry and service geography; location and development of industrial enterprises in reference to the advancing civilization development process and development of knowledge-based economy; transformations in industrial division structures in spatial systems of different scale: from the local and regional scale to the national and global scale; relations between industry and other economic sectors and its impact on shaping the economic, social and cultural life in the geographic space; assessment of the level of innovation and competitiveness of the domestic industry in comparison to the global industry; the development of high-tech and IT industries and the processes of servitization; the influence of policy on the directions in which manufacturing and service activities develop; assessment of the impact of transformation processes and internationalization of the economic activity in the conditions of European integration and globalization in the context of reconstruction of industrial and spatial structures of spatial systems. It is our plan to analyse and study these topics not only on the basis of the spatial systems in Poland but also those existing in other countries, in particular in the CEE countries.