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Aim of the conference

Changing conditions are prerequisites for the functioning and development of enterprises. As  basic economic entities, enterprises are at risk of functioning in a changing environment. For this reason, economic and political stimuli, as well as a plethora of other factors, can have a positive or negative influence on their operations. With reference to the outlined tendencies, the objective of the 39th International Scientific Conference will be to present the scientific output and the outcomes of the most recent research in different spatial arrangements of Poland and other countries, namely within the scope of behaviours of enterprises in the economic crisis, but also:     

  • the improvement of methodological concepts, developing in the field of geography of industry and services;
  • the factors that impact the economic crisis, and the methods of coping with its consequences;
  • the localisation and development of industrial and service enterprises in the crisis conditions;
  • the influence of politics on the directions of development of production and services;
  • the innovativeness of economic entities and areas in changing conditions;
  • the impact of the economic crisis on enterprises and economy of regions and countries. 

Interesting elements of the conference will be speeches of special guests and a panel discussion with the participation of scientists, entrepreneurs and representatives of self-governments on the functioning of enterprises in the crisis conditions.